Manuale di montagna

È arrivata la serie di libri sul volo in montagna per elicotteri: digitale e disponibile in due lingue, tedesco o inglese.

Campione di lettura in tedesco
Campione di lettura in inglese

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The secrets of mountain flying

Learn what you need to know as a helicopter pilot in the mountains!

Up-to-date techniques and expertise acquired over decades are clearly explained and beautifully presented.

  • Flight preparation
  • Helicopter performance
  • Flying in the mountains (takeoff and landing)
  • Flight tactics (visibility, wind, weather, cables)
  • Emergencies and accidents
  • Mountain training in Switzerland
  • Useful checklists and links

In aviation, it is important to focus on the essentials, to identify the important issues and to act correctly. In this book you will learn, among other things:

  • how to fly safely in the mountains by helicopter.
  • how to recognise limits and thus avoid dangerous situations.
  • how to make informed decisions.
  • how to deal with emergencies.
  • how technology and nature interact in the most harmonious way.

Learn from the best

This book contains expertise that has been perfected over decades. Renowned companies and pilots have contributed to the preparation of this textbook and critically reviewed its content.

Ambitious young pilots will find the basics of mountain training in this book, while experienced mountain pilots and flight instructors will benefit from the expertise of luminaries such as Reto Rüesch, Maurizio Folini, Tom Bärfuss, Gerold Biner and many more.